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What is TeemFxOption about?
You are visiting the official website of the Ltd. is pleased to offer a lifetime online investment program
What is the offered investment plan? proudly offers three investment plans proportionate to capital invested. Investment in Bitcoin is accepted, earnings will be calculated.
The investment plans are listed HERE
How safe are the investment plans offered by is a fully registered investment company offers a rigorously designed and regulated investment platform.
All the risk involve on investments would be subjected to the company and clients do not require being at risk.
How long investment program will stay active? provide a lifetime investment program with long term business strategy regulated and approved by UK government.
Does offer any other website or investment program?
No, the investment program offered by Ltd is exclusively available on
Which payment method do you accept?
At the moment only deposit and withdrawal in Bitcoin is accepted.
Where I can find the company information?
Company information such as registration details and location are provided on website.
Do you offer money back guarantee?
Investors have the option to release some or all their investment at any point in time, however there is a %5 administration fee for deposit release; then released fund will be added to the account balance instantly. Withdrawal from account balance with no fee is always available.
Where in website can I find my deposit?
All the information regarding your account activities are accessible in Dashboard.
You can check your Account Balance as well as Active Investment.
All the activities related to your account can be managed through your Dashboard.
What is your investment packages period? offers 15 Hours investment plans.
The system is fully automated.
The time period in calculator is to give you a figure of how much you will earn in specific After 15hrs of time.
What are Total Earning and Total Return?
Your Total Earning is aggregation of all your earnings for the duration of your investment which by default add to your account balance.
What is Bitcoin Network Confirmations?
Confirmations are part of the transaction procedure taking place by Bitcoin network.
I forgot my Username, what do I need to do?
Once you register your account you receive an email containing your credentials; that would be your reference for your username and password.
You can always proceed for password recovery,
1) On access account section click on "I Forgot My Password"
2) Enter your email address used for registration and click on "Recover Password" button
3) You will receive a first email containing the confirmation link
4) Click on the link or copy the link in web browser
5) Then you will receive the second email including your Username and Password, then you can login and change to your desired password
How can I change my Password?
On your Dashboard click on Edit Account, you just need to key in your new password and submit it.
My account was stolen, what do I need to do now?
If you have lost access to your account, you need to change your password immediately by clicking on "I FORGET MY PASSWORD" and providing your email address you will receive an email including a confirmation link that you need to click on to receive the second email containing your username and new password.
How can I change my email address?
Please send us an email at and request for email change, you need to mention your username, your current registered email address and the new email address that you have chosen to be updated.
How can I edit my Bitcoin address for withdrawal?
1) You need to login to your account,
2) On your Dashboard click on "Edit Account",
3) Paste your address in Bitcoin Address Setting section,
4) Click on "Submit",
Which payment method do you accept?
At the moment only deposit and withdrawal in Bitcoin is accepted.
Can I have several accounts?
No you can't have multiple accounts. Accounts will be disabled when detected by our system
Can I login to more than one account with the same IP address?
There is a limitation on IP address.
What is Two-Factor Authentication?
Two-factor authentication provides an additional layer of security to your account. It requires an extra step during the login process. It is an optional feature that you can add to your account authentication process.
Is it compulsory to activate Two-Factor Authentication for my account?
No, Two-factor Authentication is an optional feature provides an additional layer of security to your account by requiring an extra step during the login process.
How can I activate Two-Factor Authentication for my account?
Login to your account, on your Dashboard visit the Security section, you have the steps to enable 2FA for your account. Do not forget to get the backup from your QR code on step 2, in case of phone or application loss; you will need your backup to regain access to your account.
How Two-factor Authentication (2FA) works?
After you successfully enabled 2FA on your device, as you want to login to your account, after you enter your username and password to login as usual you will need a code generated in the Google Authenticator on your device, you need to be fast and enter the current code from Google Authenticator in your account, the code is periodically changing every 30 seconds and you need the current code to gain access to your account.
What is 2FA backup and how I am going to use it?
It is highly recommended to save the activation code or simply take a screenshot from QR code on step2 of activation process and keep it in a store it as a backup.
Having Backup of your activation code/QR code helps you to set the new Google Authentication app and regain access to your account in case of phone or application loss.
How to disable Two-factor Authentication?
You need to login to your account and visit the Security section on your dashboard, provide the code generated by Google Authenticator app and click on Disable 2FA.
How can I deposit to
To make deposit:
1) First of all you need to create an account for free,
2) Then login to your account,
3) If you are keen to make your first deposit, click on "Get Started Now" on home page, or on your Dashboard, enter amount you want to invest, choose plan with respect to the plan you chose, choose Bitcoin and click on "Make Investment", and you will find the deposit address unique to your account. Copy the wallet address and proceed to your wallet to make payment
4) After proceeding the payment, the transaction will be completed in Bitcoin network, only then will be credited to your active investment account,
5) Once your active investment on your dashboard has credited your investment will automatically start,
6) Thus your investment has officially started and you will receive your profits
What is the minimum amount for deposit?
Minimum Deposit amount is: 35 USD
Can I make more than one deposit?
Yes you can, this is a flexible investment platform that you can easily manage your investment and withdrawals.
You are able to add up your investment in Bitcoin with multiple deposits, the Bitcoin deposit address provided by the website is unique for your account. All your deposits will be accumulated in your Bitcoin or Ethereum active investment as your total investment.
How can distinguish my deposit from other investment?
The Bitcoin address provided by the website in deposit section is unique for your account and all the transaction to that particular address will be considered as your investment, therefore you are able to make multiple deposits and all will be accumulated into the same Bitcoin address as your total investment.
Can I make multiple deposits from different Bitcoin ?
Yes you can, there is no limit on the source of your deposits, and you are able to make deposits as many times as you want and as much as you wish from different Bitcoin addresses.
How can I withdraw funds from my account?
Login to your account using your username and password and click on "Make Withdraw" on your account dashboard,
You need to specify the amount that you want to withdraw and you would need to set your Bitcoin Address if you make withdrawal for the first time, click on proceed. utilizes an instant payment system, your Bitcoin will be released toward your address as you complete the request.
After I make a withdrawal request, when will the funds be available on my Bitcoin ? utilizes an instant payment system, your Bitcoin will be released toward your account as you complete the request, the funds will be credited to your address once the transaction is done on its network.
What is the minimum and maximum withdrawal amount for Bitcoin?
The minimum withdrawal amount of Bitcoin is 35 USD
Can I withdraw to several different Bitcoin, how should I edit my Bitcoin address for withdrawal?
Yes you can withdraw to any valid Bitcoin wallet; there is no limit on the destination of your withdrawal, to edit your withdrawal Bitcoin address:
1) You need to login to your account,
2) Click on "Edit Account" on your Dashboard,
3) There are passport setting and Bitcoin section,
4) You need to paste your address in address setting section and click on "Submit".
Do you offer an affiliate program?
Yes we do, Referral Commission is an effective way to boost up your earnings, since all investors are able to make multiple investments, you will earn %5 of all the investments that your First Level Downlines make, you need to visit My Referrals on your Dashboard, you will find Your Referrals Links and Marketing Banner provided to build your Network. You need to share your link within your community and have them registered in with your referral link to gain referral commissions.
Should I have an active deposit to participate in the referral program?
Yes, it's necessary to have an active deposit to earn referral commission.
How and where do I receive the referral commissions?
Anytime your downline(s) make deposit(s), your referral commission will be credited to your Account Balance instantly.
I provide my Referral Link to my friend, but he/she is not my downline, what should I do?
If the his/her username is not listed in My Referrals page, it means he/she did not use your referral link to register his/her account, the client needs to email us at from his/her registered email address and mention his/her username and request for changing to his/her preferred upline, then we will proceed.

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